Petrolimex concrete confident to go further

Dao Trong ChieuPCC Board of Management member and Director - PCC
08:22' SA - Thứ hai, 14/09/2015

On September 9, 107 officials and laborers of PCC (Petrolimex Concrete and Construction Co. Ltd.) held a grand ceremony to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the company’s establishment.

Five years ago – September 9, 2010, based on their strategic vision for development and actual capacities, PCC-1 (Petrolimex Construction JSC-1) and Petrolimex Quang Ninh officially established the two-member Petrolimex Concrete and Construction Company Limited. - PCC, (in which PCC-1 contributed 93.25 per cent of the total charter capital, and Petrolimex Quang Ninh contributed 6.75 per cent). The move aimed to realize efforts to move all the hard works which laborers have to do outdoors into factories in order to lessen the strenuousness, whilst increasing productivity and efficiency of production and business activities.

It’s worth mentioning that, at that time, the construction market in Viet Nam was undergoing numerous difficulties thanks to the global economic crisis, which reduced public investment in Viet Nam.

Overcoming all challenges by bringing into full play comparative advantages and dominant advantages in corporate management, and being early to technological application, PCC has achieved great reaped successes presented through parameters as follows:

The chart shows PCC turnovers and profits in its five-year operation (Sept.9, 2010 – Sept.9, 2015)

Putting a premium on Trust, PCC built the LAS-XD 1230 testing room, applying the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Therefore, Petrolimex concrete, both fresh concrete and precast concrete, has always been the top choice of customers in Ha Noi and the neighboring localities such as Bac Ninh, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Thai Binh and Ha Nam, among others.

That is also the reason why, Obayashi – a Japanese investor, the main contractor of Thang Long Industrial Park II projects – selected PCC as the concrete supplier. As we all know, the Japanese are quite fastidious about quality, thus, their choice actually indicated the quality of Petrolimex concrete.

Quality is the true pride of each PCC official and laborer. It is very the sense of responsibility of PCC and customer’s trust that have enabled PCC to reap successes one after another and to go further.

Secretary of PCC-1 Party Committee and PCC-1 General Director cum Chairman of PCC Member Council, Pham Minh Tam delivered a speech at the anniversary

Addressing the ceremony, the Secretary of PCC-1 Party Committee and PCC-1 General Director cum Chairman of PCC Member Council, Pham Minh Tam said: in the next five years (2015-2020) PCC will focus on developing the key commodity – Petrolimex concrete – by continuous investment to enhance both productivity and quality. In addition, PCC will expand production to manufacture cover steels for exterior and interior facilities, hot-dip galvanized zinc coatings, and shaped steel pipes by making the best use of available resources and focusing on PCC’s core production area, that is to produce concrete and construct civil and industrial projects.

Deputy Secretary of Petrolimex Party Committee, Petrolimex Board of Management member and General Director, Tran Van Thinh, makes a speech, congratulating PCC staff and acknowledging PCC contributions to the development of Petrolimex

Showing his delight with PCC’s growth, Deputy Secretary of Petrolimex Party Committee, Petrolimex Board of Management member and General Director, Tran Van Thinh (former PCC-1 Board of Management chairman during its most difficult time and who signed the decision to establish PCC) delivered a speech, acknowledging achievements and efforts that the whole PCC staff have made over the past five years. He said: The most precious thing that PCC has achieved is to build up a contingent of managers of high professionalism and a contingent of skillful workers who have always proved their enthusiasm for work. In addition, PCC has actively invested advanced machinery and applied the most modern technologies in concrete production and construction. These are valuable assets which PCC needs to increase investment to maintain sustainable development in the future.

Tran Van Thinh said: “That Japanese partners have chosen us to order and co-operate is worth treasuring. I’m convinced that PCC will continue deserving the trust from both Vietnamese and international customers to go further.”

PCC headquarters is located at Km17, Viet Hoa Commune, Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province. PCC has three concrete-mixing stations: the concrete-mixing station in Viet Hoa Commune, Khoai Chau District is capable of processing 60cu.m per hour, the station in Hai Trieu Commune, Tien Lu District, Hung Yen Province is able to mixing 90cu.m of concrete an hour, and one station in 157 Thuong Thanh, Long Bien District, Ha Noi is capable of mixing 60cu.m and 90cu.m of concrete an hour. With a fleet of 50 specialised vehicles, one robot-like pile pressing machine and many other advanced machines, PCC is always well-prepared to satisfy customers’ demands for concrete products – a pride of Petrolimex brand.

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