"We are proud to move forward"

Le Quang TuanVice Director General of PLC - PLC
08:48' SA - Thứ sáu, 05/09/2014

This morning (Sept. 4th, 2014) at Melia Hotel in Hanoi, Petrolimex Petrochemicals Corporation (PLC) ceremoniously held the meeting to mark its 20th founding anniversary and to receive the Independence Medal 3rd Class.

Member of Party Central Committee, Vice President of the State Nguyen Thi Doan pinning the Independence Medal 3rd Class on PLC Traditional Flag in witness of all delegates to the meeting

The joy that spreads

Right after the speech by Director General Nguyen Van Duc on 20 years of building and maturing, in the military musical band rhythm, Party Central Committee Member and Vice President of the State Nguyen Thi Doan went to the podium and pinned the Medal in welcoming leaders of PLC.

That solemn and moving moment spread to all delegates attending.

Moreover, it will continue to spread to all officers, workers and laborers of PLC of various generations.

This lofty award is the recognition by the Party and the State of the continuous efforts of Petrolimex to move forward over last years The last 20 years of PLC have contributed remarkably to the industrialization and modernization of the country, building a class of workers of Vietnam, building enterprise culture, and bringing the pride of the Vietnamese on Vietnamese goods.

To have this joy, PLC always “carved on the mind and bone” that it is due to efforts and dedication of many Vietnamese and friends in the world- those who are present in Melia Hotel and those who are still at work place to discharge their duties, those who are holding in their hands the lubricant cans of Petrolimex brand, with trust and pride.

PLC success is also the proof of international integration in the spirit of “win-win” cooperation. Speeches at the ceremony, leaders of Petrolimex, PLC international partners (Chevron Oronite of USA and IHI of Japan) pointed to that.

“We are proud to move forward”

The ceremony came to an end amid the joy of all delegates and guests of PLC. The ceremony generates the pride in each person of PLC.

The pride of PLC people has firm ground. The pride is for firmly moving forward.

We are proud to be always in front line and successfully materialize major policies of the Party and state, government, ministries and the right orientation of Petrolimex Group, the dominant shareholder of PLC.

We are proud to positively contribute to the building of our strong country and successful integration with our friends. .

We are proud to contribute a bright spot to Vietnamese culture, a Petrolimex culture: “Responsibility-Enthusiasm-Optimism-Confidence” to move forward further.

“Learn and work is the general spirit of PLC” was the answer of Director General of PLC Nguyen Van Duc to the press.

PLC in Petrolimex formation will always be worthy of the trust of the Party and State, government, ministries, branches , shareholders, partners , customers and users in Vietnam and our friends in the world.

Some pictures at the ceremony for the 20th founding anniversary and The Award of Independence Medal 3rd Class:

BoM Member, Director General Nguyen Van Duc reading report on 20 years of maturing and development of PLC

Director of Emulation and Award Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Nguyen Nhu Chinh reading Award Decisions

Party Central Committee Member, Vice President of the State Nguyen Thi Doan granting Independence Medal 3rd Class for PLC

Deputy Secretary of Party Commission of Economic Enterprises Bloc Nguyen Quang Duong giving the scroll to the Party Committee of PLC

Vice Minister of Labour-War Invalids and Social Affairs Pham Minh Huan giving Letter of Commendation by the Prime Minister to Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, BoM member and Director General of PLC

Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Petrolimex BoM Bui Ngoc Bao speaking at the ceremony

Director of Chevron Oronite S.E.A Jeff Waite speaking at the ceremony

Construction Director of IHI Infrastructures System Shinji Haifuku, the Chief contractor for Nhat Tan Bridge project – Package 1 – speaking at the ceremony

BoM Chairman of PLC thanking delegates at the end of the ceremony

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