Technical Drill on coolant and engine coolant system

Nguyen Duc LongDirector of Lubricants Assurance Department - PLC
03:02' CH - Thứ năm, 13/11/2014

On Nov.11, 2014 in Hanoi, Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation (PLC) in coordination with Arteco Group organized a drill on coolant and engine coolant system for officers, business, technical and production experts of PLC.

Arteco Group is a joint venture between Chevron and Total – the professional and leading manufacturer in the coolant industry, with an yearly average production of 120,000tons. Arteco has a distribution chain, research center, production plant and prestigious laboratory, and its brand is confirmed in the world.

General view of the drilling class

The task of training and retraining on technique for officers, business, technical and production experts of PLC is extremely significant in the work of production and sale of Petrolimex lubricants by PLC. The training and retraining on many aspects for PLC staff over last years was actively made.

Coolant is a product on sale by PLC for many recent years. A deep understanding on coolant product, engine coolant system, coolant technology, technical specification relating to coolant, technological trend for coolant, right use of coolant, reduction of troubles with coolant, reduction of engine break time, reduction of expenses in the use of coolant and cost of maintenance of equipment are the contents of PLC interest for training, add -ons and upgrade of information for its staff.

Arteco Group coordinated with PLC and successfully organized the drilling class on coolant and engine coolant system. Through the class, PLC staff continued to raise their knowledge on the new technology, the new technology on production of coolant and the important role of coolant. Coolant plays a very important role in the lengthening of engine life , reducing engine and equipment operational and maintenance cost. Statistics show that maintenance cost and the ratio of incidents relating to coolant is biggest, accounting for 22percent of normal troubles with engines and equipment.

At the end of the class, Mr. Nguyen Van Duc, PLC Director General on behalf of PLC leadership sincerely thanked the Arteco Group-Asia-Pacific Region and its representative office in Vietnam. Mr. Duc briefed on what have been achieved and what have been restricted in the business of coolant product by PLC in previous years, and at the same time reaffirmed that PLC is the producer of high quality lubricants of Petrolimex brand name. In the coming time, PLC will carefully study market demand and customers so as to raise the quality of coolant product with Petrolimex brand name on sale now and make suitable packaging of 18 & 25 liters carton drums, 6l – 5l- 4l and under 1l cans, promoting the sale in order to increase sale volume in coming years in the market of Vietnam and export to Laos and Cambodia. We would make training program and give advice to customers and distribution channels for more knowledge on the role and significance of coolant and engine coolant system.

Some picture of the drilling class:

Mr Le Quang Tuan, Vice Director General opening the class

Arteco experts exchanging views at the class

Arteco experts exchaging and making clear of querries at the class

PLC and Arteco leaders posing together

PLC leaners and Arteco posing together at end of class

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