PNT Auto Parking JSC officially founded

Pham Ngoc TuSpecialist of Petrolimex PR Department - PCC1
08:28' SA - Thứ ba, 23/12/2014

“PNT Auto Parking JSC” with its full name of PCC1 Nissei TIC Automatic Auto Parking Joint Stock Company was officially founded this morning, having the head office at Level 9 of PCC1 Building at 552 Nguyen Van Cu Road, Gia Thuy Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

From left : Misters: Yoshihisa Tamada-Tamada Vietnam), Pham Minh Tam- PCC1 Director, and Nobu Tanida- Nissei (Singapore) signing tripartite agreement forming PNT Auto Parking JSC.

“PNT” the abbreviated name of the first letters of the three partners establishing PNT Auto Parking JSC, comprising Petrolimex Construction and Installation Company 1 (PCC1) , Nissei Build Asia Pte Ltd (Nissei) and Tamada Industrial Company (Tamada) .

The signing of the joint venture agreement forming PNT Auto Parking JSC was made by leaders of the three partners this morning of December 20, 2014 at the meeting hall of PCC1 in witness of Mr. Tran Van Thinh, Member of Board of Management , Director of Vietnam National Petroleum Group, together with representatives of various departments and divisions of Petrolimex and PCC1.

Right after the signing ceremony, the three parties unanimously appointed Mr.Dang Huy Hoang as Director of PNT Auto Parking JSC, approved the head office, Company statute, and signed annexes on management structure, technical and production supplier for the company so that PNT Auto Parking JSC would come into operation soonest in accordance with stipulations of Vietnamese laws (Investment Law and Enterprise Law)).

At the meeting, Mr. Pham Minh Tam, PCC1 Director said “ PNT Auto Parking JSC came into being 2 years after careful study by PCC1 on automatic car parks, and the selection of partners and technology so as to solve the problem of Vietnam relating to the ever-increasing number of cars (sedans / family cars) while the land reserved for parking is limited, chiefly in the Capital City of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and big cities and provinces of the countries.

Petrolimex BoM Member, Director General Tran Van Thinh speaking at the PNT Auto Parking JSC founding meeting.

PCC1 Director Pham Minh Tam speaking at the ceremony.

Attending the ceremony and witnessing leaders of the three parties signing the agreement on establishing PNT Auto Parking JSC, BoM member and Director General of Petrolimex Tran Van Thinh expressed his joy at the effective cooperation between PCC1, Nissei and Tamada and his belief in the success of PNT Auto Parking JSC in Vietnam.

PNT Auto Parking JSC would develop the strong points of PCC1 in mechanical engineering by high grade modern technological system of advanced countries having a history of more than 50 years of Nissei as a leading manufacturer of automatic parking, and Tamada as a leading industrial group of Japan in manufacturing and trading business.

At the meeting, representatives of Nissei introduced a number of successful automatic parking models in Japan, having more than 1,400 parking lots catering for more than 50,000 cars in Japan. The selected models would be produced in two PCC1 mechanical plants in Hung Yen and in Ho Chi Minh City, suitable to be installed in two big cities of Vietnam and supplying to other cities and provinces.

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