PLC staff updated with additive technology, lubricant use

Nguyen Duc LongHead of the Oil and Lubricant Assurance Division - PLC
10:14' SA - Thứ hai, 10/08/2015

The Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation (PLC) and Chevron Oronite Company jointly organized a conference on Additive Technology and the Trend to Use Lubricants for PLC’s leaders, technical staff, and sales executives.

The Additive Technology and the Trend to Use Lubricants conference targets PLC’s leaders, technical staff, and sales executives

PLC has fostered a traditional co-operation with Chevron Oronite for more than 12 years; During the early days of their relationship, PLC and Oronite concurred with co-operation in developing products, marketing, training programs as well as conferences for the leaderships, sales staff and technical experts of PLC and Petrolimex member companies.

Chevron Oronite is one of the well-known additive manufacturers in the United States. Oronite operates two large-scale manufacturing plants in Oak Point City (Texas, the US) and in Gonfrevillie (France) and another manufacturing plant in Singapore which mainly supplies products for the Asian markets, including Vietnam’s. Regarding the additive technology, Chevron Oronite has research centers in Richmond City (Virginia, the US), in Rotterdam (the Netherland) and in Omaezaki (Japan). These centers are fully equipped with facilities and devices so as they are able to conduct all lab experiments and tests on engines, completely satisfying standards set by Japan’s leading automobile and motorbike manufacturers including Honda, Toyota and Yamaha, among others.

With nearly 100 years of experience, technology centers and products, global supply chain and regional headquarters and as a long-term and traditional partner of PLC, Chevron Oronite will make additional contributions to increased strengths of PLC.

The training and improved knowledge and skills for cadres, and sales, technical and manufacturing staff are of extreme importance for PLC and have been conducted in numerous fields over the past years. Technology and product are the main concern of PLC. With the aim to update new technologies and development trends, and the usage of lubricants at present and in the future, PLC co-ordinated with Chevron Oronite to organize the conference with the presence of Chevron Oronite’s leading experts.

Mr. Peter Lee- Chevron Oronite Singapore sales manager in charge of Vietnam’s market

Mr Tan See Tien – a specialist in Motorcycle Engine Oil (MCO) and Mr Tan Chun Chong – a specialist in Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO)

During the one-day conference, participants discussed and acquired the knowledge of new technologies on additives and products, grasped current development tendencies of additives and lubricants in the world to prepare conditions and resources for PLC’s development orientations of oils and lubricants in the years to come. The event has satisfied the increasing demands for skills in the oil and lubricant business; enhanced professional knowledge and skills in the oil and lubricant manufacturing, especially criteria that help save fuels, meet gas emission standards, and are environmentally friendly.

The conference has enabled the PLC staff to take the initiative in applying updated knowledge and carrying out oil and lubricant manufacturing and sales appropriate with market trends, satisfying the current latest standards and creating opportunities to expand export markets to other countries in the region.

Following images briefly feature the co-operation between PLC and Chevron Oronite:

A delegation of Petrolimex and PLC staff attend a training course in Singapore in 2007

PLC representatives congratulate Chevron Oronite upon the inauguration of the additive manufacturing plant in Singapore in July, 2014

A delegation of PLC officials attended a training course at the Chevron Oronite Office in Japan in 2013

A delegation of PLC officials visit the Chevron Oronite’s additive manufacturing plant in Japan in 2013

Some images feature the conference on Additive Technology and the Trend to Use Lubricants held at the PLC headquarters’ Meeting Hall on August 4, 2015

PLC staff pose for a photo with Chevron Oronite specialists at the close of the conference

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