Petrolimex General Director pays working visit to JCCP

Nguyen Van KhanhDirector of Refinery Department - Petrolimex
10:48' SA - Thứ năm, 19/03/2015

During his business trip to Japan, Petrolimex General Director Tran Van Thinh met with the Japan Co-operation Centre, Petroleum (JCCP) CEO Tsuyoshi Nakai at its headquarters in Tokyo on March 3, 2015 to review the five-year implementation of a co-operation agreement on training (2011-2015).

Mr. Tsuyoshi Nakai – JCCP CEO (left) talked with Petrolimex General Director Tran Van Thinh (right) and the group’s delegation

Over the past five years, JCCP has co-operated with Petrolimex to organize five training courses in Japan at Petrolimex request, (Customized Program Japan - CPJ). Of the total 60 trainees, Petrolimex had 55 employees attend training courses organized by JCCP (TR and IT) in numerous fields including commodity technology, operating oil depots, information technology, automation in production process, marketing, distribution system, and human resource management.
General Director Tran Van Thinh highly appreciated JCCP and Mr T. Nakai himself for co-operation and assistance for the training of high-quality human resources for Petrolimex, considering this as one of Petrolimex’s most successful training programs. The training courses have not only enabled Petrolimex’s trainees to update with the latest professional knowledge and technology but also availed them of opportunity to learn about the practical operation at Japan’s state-of-the-art plants and industrial complexes, to experience Japanese life and people, and to learn from disciplines as well as efforts to overcome difficulties of the so-called “Japanese spirit”.

Petrolimex General Director Tran Van Thinh presents a gift set of “Vietnamese traditional pottery” to JCCP CEO Tsuyoshi Nakai

On behalf of JCCP, Mr T. Nakai thanked Petrolimex for the group’s assistance and co-operation towards the development of JCCP, and fully evaluated the strong discipline, fondness for learning, attachment, solidarity and friendship of Petrolimex trainees. In the years to come, JCCP will continue incorporating with Petrolimex in training activities, renewing teaching syllabus and methods in combination with practical manufacturing, adjusting and expanding proper training areas, developing long-term technical co-operation. Of note, in 2015 JCCP plans to organize CJP training courses in financial management as recommended by Petrolimex.

The delegation poses for a photo with Mr. T. Nakai and JCCP officials

During his working visit to Japan, on March 9, 2015, General Director Tran Van Thinh and his delegation visited Kashima Oil Company, and talked with the company’s Director about numerous issues related to investment, operation, product quality management, environmental safety, and fire fighting and control, and human resource management, among others.

The delegation poses for a photo with Kashima Oil Company officials

On this occasion, Petrolimex General Director Tran Van Thinh spent time learning about the impacts of natural conditions in Japan and about the company’s experience of designing, operating and restoring manufacturing activities.

The delegation visits Kashima Oil Company

Four years ago, on March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake (measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale) and tsunami (which reached a height of 38.9 meters) at around 2.46pm in the northeastern coast of Japan, with its epicenter staying more than 30 kilometers away from the Kashima Oil Company. Nevertheless, the plant suffered modest influences although it was built in the 1970s of the previous century. It was because the plant was carefully designed and constructed with high standards.

Vietnam’s National Flag flies high at Kashima Oil Company

Early, the General Director Tran Van Thinh and the delegation met with the Boards of Management of the JX Holdings Group and JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation in Tokyo, worked at the JX Product Delivery Control Center, visited Ichikawa Oil Depot and a number of the JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation petrol stations.

The delegation visits a petrol station in Tokyo

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