High-quality Petrolimex lubricants get a footing in Laos

Nguyen Xuan HongLubricant Ensuring Division - PLC
02:21' CH - Thứ năm, 05/01/2017

Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation (PLC) and Petrolimex Laos successfully co-organised the Petrolimex Lubricants Conference in Vientiane, Laos.

A general view of the conference

Attendees included Chairman and General Director of Petrolimex Laos Phan Van Minh, Deputy General Director of Petrolimex Laos Khambee Lattanavong, and nearly 100 guests who are head/deputy head of divisions, head of petrol stations, petrol station selling staff, and representatives of partners, agents, and big clients of Petrolimex Laos across the country.

Chairman and General Director of Petrolimex Laos Phan Van Minh delivers a speech at the Conference.

Doing business in the Lands of a Million Elephants, Petrolimex in general and Petrolimex lubricants in particular have continued affirming their brand status and prestige in the Lao market. With achievements that Petrolimex Laos has yielded over the past five years, Petrolimex lubricants have been recognised and widely distributed with an increased quantity in the Lao market. To achieve a high output and increase market share, PLC co-ordinated with Petrolimex Laos to organise the Petrolimex Lubricant Conference in Laos to disseminate information about production capacity and technical infrastructure; production process of Petrolimex lubricants, especially new, high-quality and internationally-standardised products. This is also the chance for PLC to fortify communications about and identification of Petrolimex Lubricants brand in Laos.

At the conference, participants were introduced about production capacity and technical infrastructure of PLC in Vietnam. The PLC lubricant plants apply the quality management systems ISO 9001:2008; fully ensuring the capability to manufacture high-quality lubricants of Petrolimex brand; fully ensuring the capability to manufacture for world-known lubricant brands such as France’s Total Lubmarine and those from Japan so as customers in Laos have belief in quality of lubricants produced by PLC. On the occasion, PLC also presented and provided sufficient information on technical standards and features of each type of Petrolimex lubricants, especially new products certified by international prestigious bodies including the American Petroleum Institute (API), Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation (JASO) to ensure that customers feel secure when using Petrolimex lubricants.

Deputy General Director of PLC Le Quang Tuan addresses the conference

The conference content was of great interest as participants raised numerous questions for discussions and shared their own viewpoints. PLC warmly welcome comments contributed by customers regarding policies to develop the market and market share, significantly policies on products and selling price in order to ensure competitiveness under the pressure on selling price due to high tax rate applied on lubricants imported into the Lao market.

At the end of the conference, participants, customers as well as the leadership from PLC and Petrolimex Laos express their strong belief in the mutual cooperation which will be increasingly efficient and successful in the years to come.

Deputy General Director of Petrolimex Laos Khambee Lattanavong delivers a speech opening the conference

Some images feature the conference:

Head of Petrolimex Laos Sale Division Khounthong Khodtavong speaks at the conference

Head of the Lubricant Ensuring Division Nguyen Duc Long introduces Petrolimex Lubricants services and products

A participant speaks during discussions at the conference

Units and customers receive award for their outstanding performance in trading Petrolimex lubricants in Laos

Conference participants pose for a group photo at Vientiane Plaza Hotel

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