Outstanding projects completed by PCC-1

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11:12' SA - Thứ năm, 19/09/2013

The two previous reports wrote about PCC-1 capacity. This report would like to introduce to readers of Industry and Trade Review some outstanding projects completed by PCC-1 in its course of development.

Over past years, PCC-1 was always considered at top of building project sector: oil tanks, oil, petrochemical, chemical, gas pipelines… The pictures show that uncountable big projects of the country were formed by the hands of this “creator” PCC-1. Projects implemented by PCC-1 are of high quality, positively contributing to national industrialization and modernization along the line of the Party and the State.

That we name PCC-1 the leading bird of Petrolimex in the field of installation and mechanical fabrication is just the right nomination for the enterprise.

Projects of oil, gas and petrochemical tanks

Population tanks - fuels bonded warehouse Van Phong - Khanh Hoa

Vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai visitis Van Phong project

PCC-1 tank shell auto welding machine fusing tank of 40,000cbm.

Nha Be Oil General Depot belonging to Petrolimex Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City.

K132 Oil Depot belonging to B12 Petroleum Company in Hai Duong province

Gas Depot of Petrolimex Gas Company (PGC) at Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City.

Gasoline Depot of PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PVOil) belonging to PetroVietnam Group in Vung Ang.

Petec Oil Depot in Vung Tau

K186 Oil warehouse of the Military

Installation of oil, gas and petrochemical pipeline:

The system of technical pipelines for incoming and outgoing oils at terminals of Van Phong Bonded Warehouse in Khanh Hoa

Installation of loading arms at port.

Installation of main pumps in main pumping station at Depot 130 of B12 Petroleum Company

Installation of pipeline across the river

Pressurized tank fabrication:

Fabrication of pressurized tanks in Mechanical Plant of PCC-1 in the South

Production, fabrication and installation of mechanical products and components:

Tank's roof structure installation - fuels bonded warhouse Van Phong

Production of structures for workshops and plants.

CNC lathe & milling machine.

Flange fabrication


Tee & reducer fabrication

Industrial and civil construction:

Construction of oil service stations in Vietnam

Construction of civil projects

Schools …

PCC-1 the leading bird of Petrolimex in the installation and mechanical fabrication sector

Principal office: 550-552 Nguyen Van Cu – Gia Thuy – Long Bien – Hanoi where incessantly materializes the aim of “industrialization-modernization” in the sector of installation, mechanical fabrication of oil, petrochemical, chemical, and gas projects.

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