Nha Be oil terminal now able to dock 40,000DWT ships

Petrolimex Saigon
11:31' SA - Thứ ba, 06/07/2010

The Vietnam Maritime Administration has issued a decision to allow 40,000DWT ships to dock at wharf 4B of the Nha Be Oil Terminal to load petrol, with the first ship carrying ZA1 anchoring at the wharf on July 3.

The wharf had earlier been upgraded by the Regional II Construction Company, becoming the largest of its kind at the Nha Be Oil Terminal. It includes a technology facility, five loading arms and eight pipelines to transfer petrol to the terminal.

A number of pipelines were also installed for tar and lubricants to the Petrolimex Petrol-chemistry Company, to help raise Petrolimex’s capacity to handle petrol in the southern region./.

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