• No room for the term “difficulty” in my business philosophy

    25/06/2015 04:26' CHMinh Dieu(SCTV)
  • It costs lots of effort for each liter of petrol to reach consumers

    19/05/2015 04:11' CHThuy Ha(Industry and Trade magazine)
    INDUSTRY AND TRADE MAGAZINE – Whenever we get in touch with Petrolimex staff, we do see an utter dedication to work. This spirit is true not only at Petrolimex subsidiaries which concentrate the majority of laborers but also at the Group’s high-ranking leadership.
  • 20 years of PLC – the rising of Vietnamese spirit

    27/08/2014 08:36' SAThuy Ha(Vietnam Trade and Industry Review)
    Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation (PLC) is a symbol of success of Vietnamese enterprise, holding the appreciation of the whole country.
  • Visit to the site of fabrication of SF double hulled tank and the maneuver of anti-leaking for underground tank by Japanese technology

    27/05/2014 04:27' CHThuy Ha(Vietnam Trade and Industry Review)
    On April 23rd, 2014 in Hung Yen province, Petrolimex Construction and Installation Joint Stock Company 1 (PCC1) in coordination with the Tamada Joint Stock Industrial Company of Japan (Tamada) organized a visit to the site of fabrication of SF double hulled tank and the maneuver of anti-leaking for underground tank by Japanese technology.
  • Year of the Horse spring comes with success

    24/01/2014 03:17' CHVTIR(Vietnam Trade and Industry review)
    The year 2014 for the East Asians is the Year of the Horse which is linked with the motto “The Horse arrives with Success” . I would like to quote this phrase to express my wish for the coming Spring.
  • Practical movement would be responded

    24/01/2014 02:49' CHThuy Ha(Vietnam Trade and Industry review)
    Trade Union work is easy or difficult, how to build the worker s movement in the new phase…Industry and Trade Magazine (ITM) would like to introduce the interview with Mr. Dinh Thai Huong, Chairman of Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union.
  • PECO: The most modern producer of Oil Dispenser in Vietnam

    16/09/2013 03:59' CHPhuong Dzung(Industry & Trade Newspaper)
    Industry and Trade newspaper: Many people know that Tatsuno oil dispensers produced and distributed by Petrolimex Petroleum Equipment Joint Stock Company but they do not know on what agreement they are produced and by what procedure they are made.
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