• Petrolimex must reform to strengthen leading role

    31/07/2019 03:01' CHXuan Tuyen(The Government Portal)
    Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung emphasised that Petrolimex, first and foremost, must reform and improve its competitiveness, fulfilling the task of ensuring sufficient supply of fuel for the economy, and pursuing policies on the national petroleum market.
  • Petrolimex chairman: "Petrolimex will reform strongly to become large-scale energy group"

    24/01/2019 03:35' CHManh Quan(Dan Tri newspaper)
    Although Petrolimex has been recognised as one of few State-owned economic groups that have been transformed early and every successfully from enterprises wholly-owned by the State to high-performing and profitable joint stock companies, the Group’s leadership still look forward to higher targets.
  • SCMC, IMF to strengthen cooperation

    18/12/2018 09:38' SATran Thien(cmsc.gov.vn)
    The State Capital Management Committee (SCMC) met with a delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on December 13 with the aim to promote co-operation between the two sides in the coming time.
  • MoIT State capital ownership at six SOEs transferred

    15/11/2018 09:08' SAPhuong Thao(Ministry of Industry and Trade’s e-portal)
    On November 10, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) transferred its ownership of State capital in groups, corporations to the State Capital Management Committee at a ceremony held at the ministry’s headquarters.
  • Pjico rating builds more trust with investors

    12/11/2018 08:38' SAGia Minh(Cong Thuong newspaper)
    The fourth "biggest company” in the non-life insurance market Petrolimex Insurance Corporation (Pjico- ticker symbol: PGI) has announced its international credit rating by the global insurance rating agency A.M. Best, Financial Strength Rating of “B+” (Good) and Issuer Credit Rating of “bbb-” (Good); projecting a positive outlook for the upgrade of both ratings.
  • Open sky lies ahead PA: Petrolimex chairman

    15/10/2018 10:08' SAThuy Ha(Cong Thuong magazine)
    On April 28, 2018, Petrolimex Aviation Fuel JSC celebrated its 10th anniversary - a milestone in the company’s development as well as in the success of multi-industry Petrolimex/PLX. On the occasion, Petrolimex chairman Bui Ngoc Bao speaks to the Cong Thuong (Industry & Trade) magazine
  • Petrolimex Sai Gon thirsts for Industry 4.0

    31/10/2018 08:38' SAThuy Ha(Cong Thuong magazine)
    What is 4.0? how does it look like? Is it something general or specific? The Cong Thuong (Industry & Trade) magazine would like to provide an insight into the fourth industrial revolution through the application of ATG (Automatic Tank Gauging) as of October 1, 2018 at Nha Be Oil Terminal – Petrolimex Sai Gon)
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