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To promote the position of leading corporation in the supply of petroleum to the whole country in all circumstances and contribute to the cause of socio-economic development is the most important mission of PETROLIMEX.

Petroleum is a strategic special product closely related to the socio-economic life and national security. Conscious of the importance of this merchandise, PETROLIMEX has planned safe solutions in response to any circumstances and set up a nationwide network offering favorable conditions to customers in goods and services, achieving an annual growth of 10%.

PETROLIMEX network of Oil Storage and Distribution Depots with a total capacity of 1,700,000 cubic meters

The year 2010: Output reached 8.9 million ton/cbm, sales reached 102,680 billion VND accounting for 80% of the sector’s total revenue.

As a leading national corporation in oil business, PETROLIMEX has supplied 7.8 million cbm/ton in 2008, 8.6 million cbm/ton in 2009 and 8.9 million cbm/ton in 2010. Sale revenue in 2010 reached 102, 680 billion VND, accounting for 80% total revenue of the whole sector. Annually, PETROLIMEX imports more than 8 million cbm/ton of oils, accounting for 50% of total domestic share.

PETROLIMEX network of storage depots with capacity of more than 1,700,000 cbm are stationed along the country lengthwise, guaranteeing standby reserve and satisfying market demand, namely Duc Giang Oil Depot (Hanoi), Thuong Ly Oil Depot (Hai Phong), Nha Be Oil Depot (Ho Chi Minh City), Central Oil Storage Cluster (Phu Khanh – Binh Dinh – Da Nang – Nghe An), South Western Region (Can Tho), B12 Oil Storage Cluster (Quang Ninh)…

With the distribution network of over 2,100 PETROLIMEX-owned retail stations and over 4,000 nationwide general agents and agents, PETROLIMEX is the biggest supplier of all kinds of petroleum products in compliance with national and international standards.

Distribution network with 6,000 sales points

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