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04:03' CH - Thứ tư, 07/07/2010
Together with the development in other areas, PETROLIMEX member companies of the commercial services sector have made all efforts to perform the assigned tasks, overcome challenges, and had solutions to get positive outcomes.

PETROLIMEX marked the corporation’s launching into the aviation fuel market with the foundation of PETROLIMEX AVIATION since 2008.

Though newly re-established to enter aviation fuel market, PJF (now renamed as PETROLIMEX AVIATION) has been supplying aviation fuel to big international airlines as United Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air and Air China. This sector is still a tough area but PETROLIMEX AVIATION has invested in the infrastructure system, modern specialized means and business expansion for sustainable development.

PIACOM has succeeded in upgrading the LAN system, applying automation resolutions and implementing the enterprise resources planning project (ERP). PIACOM has operated steadily with achievements of targeted revenue and benefits.

PITCO has been operating in general export -import business and succeeded in investing and putting into operation a high-quality paint workshop. This is a great effort in the context of domestic economic crisis and under multidimensional impacts by international economic integration.

Petrolimex Information technology and Telecomunication JSC: http://www.piacom.com.vn/default.aspx

Petrolimex Aviation fuel JSC:http://pa.petrolimex.com.vn/default.aspx

Petrolimex International Trading JSC:http://pitco.petrolimex.com.vn/default.aspx

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